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5 Fun Bridal Party Photos

This week we wanted to share with you 5 ideas for fun bridal party photos. After all, you’ll be able to look at these photos for years and years to come, so why not have fun and showcase everyone’s personality! Sure, you can take the traditional bridal party photos, but why not try some of these fun and unique ideas?

1. Bride and Groom Kiss
Have the bride and groom in the center sharing a sweet kiss and have the bridal party clustered behind them. The bridal party can either be smiling, like in this photo to the left, or they can be shielding their eyes like kids do when their parents kiss. Either way, it’s a fun and unique way to get everyone in one photo.

2. Bridesmaids
Make sure to get a picture with just the girls but take it with a twist! Give each bridesmaid a chalkboard and have her write how she met the bride on it (like this photo), or have the photographer get some fun black and white shots while all the girls are getting dressed and you can be as silly as you want to be!

3. Superhero Reveal
The groomsmen might not want to take pictures all day, but this one will guarantee a genuine photo! Have the groomsmen wear different superhero t-shirts under their wedding attire and have them strike a Clark Kent pose with the photographer.

4. Bride & Her Maid of Honor
Having some special shots with your maid of honor will not only be fun to take, but they will be something you can look back on and smile at forever! Ask the photographer to take some of you gals doing best friend stuff: telling secrets, sitting and laughing, or just being yourselves. Another great idea is bringing the groom in the picture and posing like the photo to the left!

5. Stand-still
This photo can be taken anywhere and with even more people! Have the bride and groom be the center of attention and make the rest of the guest or bridal party blurry, as if in motion. It is as though time is standing still just for the two of you on your special day! To put a twist on this idea, take a regular picture of the bride and groom among others but have everyone but the two of them in black and white.
There are so many different ways to do bridal party photos, take them the way you feel comfortable! This is your special day so do it your way–these are just suggestions!

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Happy Wedding Planning,
Charisma Events & Consulting Team

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