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Day in the life of a planner

The day in the life of a wedding planner is always one full of hustle, bustle and excitement! Knowing the event we have all been working on is going to happen today is such a good feeling to start the day with!

First things first – make sure all last minute details are straightened out with the vendors. Is everyone scheduled to be on time? Do they have all the items needed for this event? Once that is all settled we check in with the bridal party! It is always so fun to see the excitement on the bride and grooms face on the wedding day. And lets not forget the families of the bride and groom - they are always so excited, proud, and anxious for the wedding. Sometimes even more than the bride and groom themselves!  On one of recent weddings, bride Michelle’s sister was so involved with the little details and were so antsy to get the wedding started because they knew how happy Michelle and Marcus would be after they tied the knot!

Next the fun part, setting up the wedding and reception areas! Michelle and Marcus’ wedding and reception were in the same place. So we started first with setting up their wedding! Setting up the table by the bride and groom while exchanging vows and decorating the aisles with flowers and tulle to set a fun and elegant setting for this outdoor wedding.  After set up is complete, we gathered the bridal party to get ready to start the ceremony! It was a beautiful wedding for the beautiful couple.

While the ceremony was going on, we have our event coordinators putting the final touches on the reception area inside. Everything from making sure every candle for the table centerpieces are in the right spot, setting up the outdoor lighting, putting out the personal touches from the bride and groom around the venue, to putting small decorations on the gift table occur at this time. Once all this is done, it is time for the party to start!

The now officially married couple makes their grand entrance with the bridal party into the reception area and is taken back at how all their planning and ideas had been put into reality. This is always a great feeling to see the couple’s faces light up like that. Means we have done our job right and that means everyone is happy!

Marcus and Michelle’s wedding is just one example of the organized chaos an event planner calls their job. And we just can’t get enough of it!



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