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Q: Why should I hire Charisma Events & Consulting to plan my event when I could do it myself?

A: Event planning can be a full time job depending on the event.  We have the expertise and passion to guide you through the entire process! We have many relationships with great vendors, which can save you hours of research.


Q: What is the benefit of hiring Charisma Events & Consulting if I can research online and read tips in magazines?

A: There is nothing like having a real person to bounce ideas off of and ask questions! We not only have the answers you need, but also the relationships to help meet the high standards of your wedding day.


Q: What are your main responsibilities as my event planner?

A: The main goal of this process is to make this day as perfect as you have always imagined. We help this happen by handling all the details – small and big. Things such as event design and color, detailed timelines, vendor selection and management, guest management, and more!


Q: When I hire you, can my family and friends still be involved with the planning?

A: Of course! We are here to simply provide our expert opinion and direction on what we think would be best. We are not here to take over your wedding! If too many opinions start getting in the way with family and friends involved, we will encourage you to go with your gut to make the decision! Since we make detailed timelines for our brides, we can have friends and family help with certain tasks and we can follow up with them accordingly.


Q: Will you travel with me out of state?

A: Absolutely, we love to travel! The proposal will have an all-inclusive price that will include all travel expenses. We like to be upfront with the costs, so there are no big surprises later!


Q: What sets you apart from the others?

A: Our education, experience, and strong belief in marriage. But more importantly than that, I connect with every client on a personal level. The planning process should be an enjoyable time for a bride!

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