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How to Include Family in Your Wedding

This week’s bridal tip  is incorporating family and past loved ones in your wedding.  Weddings symbolize the coming together of both your family and your soon to be husband’s family.  This week we would like to give you a couple traditional ceremonies you can add to your wedding to symbolize the coming together of the two families.

Candle or Sand Ceremony

To start off your wedding ceremony, you can incorporate the Unity Candle Ceremony! Both sets of parents (or grandparents) walk down the aisle and each light a separate candle with one tall candle in the center staying unlit to symbolize you and your husband.  Prior to your “I do’s”, have the pastor explain the unity ceremony and then both you and your husband will light the center candle symbolizing the coming together of you and your husband’s family.  Another way to do this ceremony for a nice beach setting would be to use sand and pour it into the same vase as pictured here.

Remembering Loved Ones

For those of you who have lost a loved one and would like to remember them on your special day we suggest adding some special touches to your wedding such as labeled reserved seats with bouquets provided by your florist as pictured above.  Another way to remember your loved ones on your special day would be to dedicate a song to them, our vendor SilverWood Premier Music Ensemble specializes in soft sweet music ranging from styles such as swing, renaissance, classical, and even celtic.  Adding this SilverWood touch to your wedding would ensure great enjoyable music for both you and your guests.

Getting married is a great way to draw close to both your family and your new husband’s family as well.  Provided above were just a couple ways to make your wedding day special and family oriented.


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