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How to Survive Bridezillas

The first thing people ask me when I tell them my profession as a wedding planner is, “Have you had any Bridezillas?” My response is always the same-”No” with a slight chuckle! I think I chuckle because EVERY ONE asks the same thing, but also because I believe I have mastered the skill in catching a bride before she transforms into the infamous “Bridezilla”.

There are a few things that all brides want-to be heard, to feel like they are your ONLY client AND for their wedding day to be PERFECT! Piece of cake, piece of pie…right? Not always, but since I (we) am the expert, I have to give them what they need and want with patience and understanding.  After almost 3 years in the business, below is my formula for surviving the bride who looks like she is heading down a bumpy lane.

  1. Build a rapport with her support system-mothers, sisters, best friends.  It is extremely hard for a bride to get upset when her family and friends love you! Get their phone numbers and touch base with them periodically to make sure the whole wedding party is happy.
  2. Respond quickly to her when she reaches out to you.  Be it phone, text, or email, she needs to hear from you frequently and consistently, especially when an “urgent” matter comes up! If for some reason you are unable to respond (family emergency, travel) inform her of that at your earliest convenience.  Along these same lines, over communicate-give her more information than she asked for and only hold back if she tells you she doesn’t need all the details.
  3. Remind the bride GENTLY why you are the expert and that she hired you for that reason.  Sometimes brides forget that this is not our first wedding. So it’s okay to share previous successful weddings to instill confidence and encourage her that in the end everything will work out as planned.   The bride is only concerned because her wedding means so much to her.  Show the bride that her wishes are important to you as well.
  4. Respect her space and time.  As the expert, it is your duty to respond as quickly as possible, but please understand the bride has a million things going on, so give her time in her responses and most certainly do not make her feel bad if it takes her a few days.
  5. Re-read over wedding details before bride meetings so you are always fresh with her wedding details.  Remember a bride wants to feel like they are your only client, so know her wedding like the back of your hand (even if you are the busiest planner around!)

These tips helped me survive those nearing Bridezilla lane. But always remember the bride is under a lot of stress and understanding, patience and compassion go a long way.

Peace and Blessings,

Kadesha Carroll

Charisma Events & Consulting

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