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It's all in the Details!

On the weekend of July 26, Charisma Events and Consulting was given the honor of coordinating the wedding of Tony and Jeanette Arranga, a union in the making for over ten years! The couple showcased their everlasting love in every detail of their wedding, keeping their guests “ooooh-ing” and “ahhh-ing” through out the entire day. Here are some of the personal touches that Tony & Jean included to tie together their “This is Love” theme.

The Officiant: Tony and Jean had their close friend Omar officiate their union which made the moment that much more memorable. Omar definitely added a personal and comforting touch to the ceremony, which helped take some of the pressure off the couple’s shoulders.

The Sweetheart Table: As they walk into their reception and finally take their seat as a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Arranga place cards sweetly set the table alongside matching beer mugs engraived with Mr. and Mrs. used for their beer toast. Not only does it reflect personal preferece, but is also a wonderful wedding keepsake!

The Table Setting: Not a fork or knife out of place, and the variation of colors mixed from bright to dark purple made this table a feast for the eyes!

Table Markers: These wine bottles were cleverly disguised as “Love Potion” to mark each table. They also turned into a fun party favor for the guests to walk away with at the end of the night.

Dessert Table: Your guests will LOVE this addition to your wedding! An assortment of sweets is the perfect treat to end a perfect day, so why not use a dessert table as a party favor that your guests can enjoy post wedding…if they don’t eat them all first that is!

Favors: Tony & Jeanette personalized each treat bag with special T & J stickers and also included a frame on the table setting to keep with the theme. “Love is sweet”, perfectly said.

The more dessert tables the merrier! Tony and Jeanette included a second assortment making their wedding the absolute sweetest!

The icing on the cake: The cake toppers were catered to the bride and groom using bobble head dolls to add character to their cake. Every opportunity to personalize this event was taken and those little touches really came together to create a reflection of the couple. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Arranga, we know “This is Love”!

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