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Meet the Team

Erica Orr, Event Planner & Personal Assistant 

While at San Diego University, one of her college professors told her, "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life". She has found this to be true now that she has found a career in Event Coordinating! With over 2 years of planning events, weddings, and social events, she soon discovered this was her passion! Erica has earned a degree in Theatre Arts from San Diego University and this certainly helps when it comes to helping clients with design ideas! Whether the event is big or small, event planning never gets old to Erica.  Her attention to detail and organization skills makes her a great asset to Charisma Events & Consulting (CEC).  She has enjoyed working with CEC first as an intern and now Lead Event Planner for the San Diego region and a personal assistant to the owner.  She looks forward to growing with the company! In her free time, she enjoys art, the theatre, going to the beach and trying new things! 

Nita Nguyen, Event Planner & Designer

Born in Houston, Texas, but raised in San Diego, California. Nita received her bachelor degree in economics from San Diego University. Although, economics seems non related to event planning, you will be surprised how much it actually relates! Nita is an expert of taking a client's budget--small or large and finding the perfect design pieces that work best with their event design and theme. She attributes that to her economic classes, but also her keen eye for eclectic and unique elements. While pursuing a career at a law firm, she knew she needed to pursue her true passion of event planning & event design. Nonetheless, she started working with Charisma Events & Consulting as an event planner & designer at the beginning of 2013. Her bubbly personality, organizational skills, creative style and ability to carry out a client's vision makes her a must have on the team! During her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family.


Libby Landers, Event Planner & Designer

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Libby has always known she wanted to pursue a career in event planning. Since a young girl, she has been surrounded by extravagant events with large guest lists and gorgeous decorative touches. It came to no shock to her parents that she wanted to follow her event planning dreams! She attended San Diego State University, where she graduated with a degree in Communication. While in school, she remained active in the event planning world by helping her sorority host and plan events. She started as an intern at Charisma Events & Consulting in 2012 and is now an Event Planner & Designer.  Her creative and artistic abilities, along with her organization skills make her an excellent event planner. Whether its designing center pieces or selecting vendors, Libby enjoys all of the details that go into planning a successful event! In her free time, Libby enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing with her puppy and painting!


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