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Reception Ideas to Keep Your Guest Entertained

Fun Snacks

Adding a candy bar is a fun way to entertain your guests.  Both children and adults can join in on the fun of filling up a bag of treats and it makes great party favors! Spice it up–make a coffee bar, or even a snow cone station if you are planning on having a summer or outdoor wedding!

Rent or DIY a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great pass time AND they do not need instructions.  Add a bucket of crazy hats, glasses, and accessories for your guest to take pictures with or tie in some items to match the theme of your wedding. The photos are a great keepsake and souvenir and you can even make a buck by charging a dollar and using it to tip your driver or bartender after the wedding!

Fun Games

Games not only entertain your guests, but occupies them when they are waiting for their entrees.  Consider having a puzzle piece at each pace setting and your attendees can put it together.  The actual puzzle could be the dinner menu or a picture of the bride and groom. You can even place a few pens on each table for your guests to write well wishes on the back of their puzzle piece!

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