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What Questions to Ask your Venue

Don’t hesitate to ask…

1. What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Become familiar with their terms and conditions, just in case you have to postpone your wedding day –things happen!

2. Are other events scheduled on the same day?

You don’t want to book your event at the same time another event is going on.  Problems such as staff not giving you proper attention or conflict in noise between the two events.  Also, be sure there is enough clean up time before or after your event!

3. What services does the rental fee include?

You’ll want to know if your venue includes things such as chairs, linens, tables, silverware in the rental fee.  If it doesn’t you will have to pay for that separately, which means more money out of your pocket.  So it is wise to book a venue that includes all of that as well as a banquet manager there at your service at no additional charge.

4. Are there any other restrictions we need to know about?

Can you use candles? Can you put things on the walls? How late can your guests stay at your reception? Just know the do’s and dont’s of your venue.Image

Don’t be shy to ask these questions.  Your wedding day is important and the more information you know the more at ease you will feel.   You don’t want to feel frantic, stressed, and helpless on your wedding day so write down any questions that may come to mind throughout your wedding planning.  Lastly, be sure to have a reliable contact in case of any emergency that you may encounter on your wedding day.

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