The HyperX Alloy Pro is a great mechanical keyboard, but is it too bare bones for a “PRO” gamer?
Love to know what you think, do you prefer plain and simple or something with a bit more bells and whistles?

Join the conversation below. What keyboard are you using now and is it a mechanical keyboard?

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  1. Is they keyboard lights Orange and Red? Or is it plain red. I’ve seen videos where it’s only red and some Red Orange. Idk if it’s the video quality or something.

  2. fantastic review Ritchie! Thank you for the great insight. I totally agree with you on their not being a USB-passthrough and the Function key for media controls; would have been such a better keyboard with those perks. On a side note, I can't tell which art is sicker – your smoke-skull button up or your great wave Gyarados! lol cheers! 😁

  3. I've got the CoolerMaster rapid fire but tenless version. So yes it's a good keyboard but honestly the built quality is meh for 2020.
    You really underestimate much better a full alloy back plate is, I mean it's instantly noticeable. For me the keys feel more stable and each individual key is well braced. This alone I'd say it's a big reason to upgrade.
    Not sure about the function gripe. I always though that was annoying even if it's clever to bind so many keys to it. Outside of volume and backlight intensity I never used it. Volume isent even necessary.

  4. i bought this keyboard fir gaming and before i even had it for two months hit the w, f and spacebar switch are fucked don't ever buy this i spent 70 dollars and got no warranty and im 14 and dont have money laying around to even buy a cheap gaming keyboard which is fucked


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