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There is a new multiplayer system coming to Unity called Connected Games! UNet is being deprecated, and this new one will be taking its place.

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  1. This is exactly the case for using Dependency Injection in your code. That way you can develop using the transition model, and then when Unity finally drops proper multiplayer libraries, you can slide them in and out. Build abstractions for your code, code against those abstractions, and then slide in and out your concretions.

  2. I'm not using dots but also creating everything, custom multiplayer. I've even made a microphone in game. It is possible to program your own entire setup but requires a ton of experience and testing. I would be much further along with my setup if I wasn't chronically sick.

  3. will there still be a peer to peer fallback option in the new networking stack? I'd like to hope people would still be able to play a game after the official servers go down.

  4. hey @sykoo! long time 🙂 What would be the best option for a client to client connection with an intermediary server to handle port forwarding or sockets? basically i think a dedicated server like what photon provide would be overkill for my coop turn-based tactics game.

  5. I am confused as to what they mean by "session" So 25 plyrs in a session, does that mean in one game instance together?? Or total plyrs playing your game at once in multiplayer mode? I am developing a little arcade shmup that has 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 so max 6 players interacting at once per instance right? Is the instance what they mean by session? Should I use UNET? I have found a github of Mirror which is a continuation of UNET for new unity releases. Another thing that isnt clear is how will I be billed for using multiplayer platform if they have disabled accessing the service on the web side already? Thank You!!

  6. Your link to Forge is wrong. They were referring to Forge Networking Remastered – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/network/forge-networking-remastered-38344

  7. My question is do any of these options allow me to NOT pay for Unity's multiplayer services so I can just give my players a Server build of the game and let them host it themselves?


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